List View, pretty please could it be added to the Editor

I’ve posted this in the Editor forums, but is there any plans to add a list view to be able to read filenames longer than a few characters?
Coming from Unity and Unreal, this is pretty tough when working on COmplex projects.
I tried that extension but it conflicts with some tools we use.

Did the Stylebot Chrome extension or the custom CSS cause problems for you?

I have a custom extension I use and the GUI’s conflict

This should be a feature of the core engine through.

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Yes, I’ve see this requested a number of times now. I do agree it’d be cool to have. We’re hard at work on some other stuff right now, but I’ll keep this in mind for when we have some spare time. Thanks for the feedback - it’s super-useful.

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Thanks Will,
It’s good whining then :slight_smile: