Line renderer like in Unity

Is it possible for PlayCanvas to have features like line renderer in Unity?

I have a set of coordinates that make a circle, and I need to connect them, and set the width of the line, texture as well.
Something like this in the video of my old game Example

Hi @Dava,

It’s possible to do that in PlayCanvas using the Mesh API, to construct a line shape on runtime. You will have to work directly with vertices and indices for that.

I think there was some talk on the engine repo about creating a robust line renderer based on that, you can try looking for that and ask about it.

For the moment you will have to use the Application drawLine() API which unfortunately doesn’t have a width option (it’s meant mostly for debug lines).

Here is an example:


Is there any project example of Mesh API with Playcanvas?

Check this, it isn’t for a line, but it’s the same concept: