Line across screen while playing particle effect

Hi, when I play my particle system via a script, there’s an odd white line across the right half of my screen when it plays, even though the effect itself plays correctly.

EDITOR - PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine
LAUNCH - PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

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That’s quite strange, I can reproduce when launching your project.

Thinking is the particle emitter parented to the rotational turret? Thinking if that produces some glitch on certain angles (it shouldn’t, that would be a bug).

Hi @Leonidas, @XKRS-GT was just telling me about this as well, and this is quite odd, never seen this before. The effect is ported over from another of our games, where it works fine. Interestingly, when I tried with the default particles, there isn’t an issue. Could it be something to do with the properties? I’m not really a particle systems person :sweat_smile:

Each of the shapes that constitute the tower have a particle system.