Lightning not rendering on builds since engine version v1.59.0

Hi there
Since the release of engine version 1.59.0 when I create a build of my game, Lightning doesn’t render when launching the game on my samsung galaxy s8 or the s20, it’s all dark.
The issue does not appear on desktop or on iPhone and xiomi devices.
Currently, I can resolve the issue by building the game with engine version 1.58.2.

I tried to reproduce the issue with a blank project, but I was not able to reproduce
the issue. Maybe it’s due to our game including mesh generation? but some obstacles are basic playcanvas cubes and those are affected aswell.
Build: Color Tunnel - PLAYCANVAS

Github ticket: Lightning not rendering on mobile since version v1.59.0 · Issue #4969 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub

We are following up in the ticket

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