☑ Lightmaps color discrepancy. Workflow question

Hello! What kind of pass (Mray) is needed to be baked so that it will work correctly inside play canvas as lightmap? The problem is that the color of the texture (diffuse) is saturated/muddy and doesnt look like the one inside 3ds max.

I am using the “lighting map” pass for the lightmaps and an albedo texture for the diffuse. Is that the correct way of doing things? Or I need to bake a complete map with the texture on. The problem is that for detail fidelity the resolution should be 2k which I dont want. I checked the orange room just for reference and I see that the workflow there is the same as mine (tho I cant see the lightmap texture if its just GI or whatever) and I can see that the color there where the lights is correct. What am I missing?
Link: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine (Its the floor I am talking about)
Thanks in advance.

Thanks for sharing link to your project.

So in Orange Room we’ve used HDR lightmap, so it can have brights and darks preserved well in it.
You can upload HDR textures using .exr or .hdr files.

Another thing to take in account is Gamma Space.
By default PlayCanvas uses 2.2 gamma, so you might check your settings when you render, what kind of gamma you render for and try playing with that setting.

I do recommend trying different tonemapping as well, as it might bring colour a bit more into life and get them more “real”.

Thanks for the answer! :slight_smile:

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Hey! After some really intense testing I couldnt manage to make some difference.I am not sure if the problem is on my side or there is something wrong with the engine. Could it be possible for you take a look on how it will look on your side? I uploaded the floor mesh and the textures: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6ta7r015756bmks/FloorMesh_textures.rar?dl=0
Thanks in advance.

Do not forget to play with Rendering Settings such as Tonemapping and Exposure:

Then can be found at bottom left corner toolbar or menu.

So here is your scene with one of HDR lightmaps:

And here with ACES tonemapping and exposure of 3:

So feel free to play with them.
Without reference it is hard to guess what you are trying to achieve. And don’t forget - due to nature of different implementations, it will be pretty impossible to get 1:1 picture, so you shall find best desirable results by experimenting.


Aha! I thought you meant tonemapping (on lightmaps) outside play canvas not as postprocess… Thank you very much for the help I appreciate it.

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Btw, our artist gave me this screenshot of some settings to remove Clamping from HDR colour space.
As well, preview your lightmaps with diffuse texture, as by it self it will not represent well desirable results usually.

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