Lightmapping Not Working In Preview


In our project we are trying to use lightmapping. We’ve imported our models with two UV channels, set them to ‘Lightmapped’ and the lights to ‘Bake Lightmap’ and ‘Affect Lightmapped’. Inside the editor, it looks like the lights are working, however, when trying a preview or a build, there are no lights at all. Any ideas on what we’re missing? Thanks!

There’s this existing bug that could be an issue … try the workaround suggested there to confirm.

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Thanks for the link, but I didn’t find anything that seemed to pertain to our issue in it. Is it an issue then with the lightmapper itself, or something we’re doing on our end maybe?

I tested our materials on a PlayCanvas cube with the baked lights, and that seems to work. So it is looking like an issue our imported models.

Could you perhaps share a simple project with a single mesh showing the issue?