Lighting problem while rendering model on UI

I tried to use a camera to render a 3D object into a texture, to use in the ui, as this example: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

this is the problem happening

here is my project: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

Hi @gumegasonic!

Are you sure you shared the right project?

The project seems to be kind of empty.

Hi @Albertos!
I merged the Dev branch into the Main branch, can you see if now it shows?
The image is in the avatar customization window

Yes, now it’s visible.

I think you forgot to add the light layer Avatar Preview to the render components of your avatar.

The render components of the avatar, have the layers “World” and “Avatar Preview”

As far I can see, the child entities of the body-2 entity have the render components of the Avatar. These entities currently only have the World layer.


Here is a screenshot of what I mean. :point_down:

inside the template “Player”, the renders have both “World” and “Avatar Preview” layers active
I also applied it to the body-2 template, but still doesn’t work

I forked your project and found out that the entity with the script below is causing the problem.

When the entity is disabled I still see some strange ‘shadows’ on the character, but I was unable to find the cause.


I sent a reply on the forum post for this HDR Bloom, to see if the creator can reproduce and fix this.
for now, i have disabled the entity.