Lighting not effecting double sided material

I have made a massive map for my game and looks great but the lighting won’t effect the inside of some of the buildings because they use a double sided material.
is there a way to fix that?

Right, the issue most likely is the way the normals have been generated for this model.

The normal for each polygon is set towards the same direction, no matter if you are rendering the front or the back side. This is a common issue e.g. with double sided vegetation triangles.

@mvaligursky are you aware of any fix for this?

@WilliamBoersma31 usually the solution is to provide thick walls with extra polygons for each side, instead of using double sided materials.

Yeah I have decided just to go in to my modeling software and make a copy of it with inverted normals so the lighting works

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Better option would be for objects / walls to have some thickness, otherwise you might get many artefacts with the shadows.