☑ Light source affects on material's diffuse in strange way

I’ve created a scene.
There is a room’s box placed: 2 meshes (walls+floor).
And only one light source (point type).

I’ve placed the light source in the corner.
And turning it on.
It’s affecting on the part of my model which is completely ‘hidden’ from that light source.
I mean, my light passing through the walls.

Is it okay? Should it works like that?

The only way to avoid current trouble: enabling the shadows for light source.
But it’s too performance sensible. I don’t want shadows in fact.

Yes, it’s okay,

To understand that, you have you know how light works.
This article should help you. By the way, russian version has examples.

If your light wont be dynamic, you can bake shadows map and use as a regular texture, in order to optimize performance.

My light will be static. But: i’ll change it’s intensity (towards 0, when it’s almost has no effect).
Will it works with baked shadows?

Well, I don’t know exactly. I think it depends on renderer and your scene.

I’ll try to be more specific in my case: my light is static and meshes (walls, roof etc…) now have baked textures in “Lightmap” slot.
When I turn on point static light, he shines through the wall.
Assume that it’s not okay. Why it happens and how to solve this problem?

Could you please specify how did you bake your light into texture?

Shadow - is absence of light. In realistic situation you wont have light behind the corner on the left because light photons will be obstructed by wall on the right, that leads to “shadow” on the left.

You can’t do it without shadow, or at least some hacky ways to occlude material, which is not the way I would recommend to go.

If you can’t bake it, but light is static (not moving and not changing range, so not changing AABB), then you can set it to “static” and set shadows render mode to “Once” to make sure it does not renders shadow maps on each loop.
Set model to be static too.

What it does - it will split model mesh based on AABB’s of static lights, preventing too complex shaders that would contain all static lights of whole scene.
Do remember that dynamic meshes will still have to include all lights in the shader of their material.

Appreciate your help, @mikefinch!

I baked texture in 3DsMax’s ordinary way: “Render_to_texture -> VRay_complete_map” and setting it in UVW channel 1.

Appreciate your help, @max!
Some details now more clear to me.