Light not visible only on certain materials

Hi Team,

I have a rather baffling issue where dynamic lights don’t seem to affect certain materials in the scene.

Every surface is lightmapped (offline) and the light is set to affect both dynamic and lightmapped objects (as can be seen on the wall). Any ideas on what scenarios might cause the light to not affect the material? (you can see the specular is affected but not the lit part). Unfortunately I can’t share this project but do you have any tips on what i can investigate?

What type of light is it?

Can you put a mesh where the light is so it is easier to see where it is?

Please post the settings of the light?

Can you clarify where you mean by ‘lit part’ please?

Sorry I will get back to you, been moved on to other issues. Still seeing this will get more info as soon as i can. Its weird as hell though and happens on a few different meshes (exported from unreal)

I’d capture the frame using Spector JS and investigate the fragment shader of this object - to make sure the shader is generated correctly (has the appropriate lighting code), and also uniforms passed to it to make sure there are no unexpected values. Perhaps compare shader / uniforms between an object that works and one that does not. Are you using normal of clustered lighting?

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