Light map baking

Hi Everyone,
Does anyone here have experience with Corona for lightmap baking?
Up until two days ago was using Vray with the setting suggested in the documents. trying to convert that workflow to Corona since our Arch Viz office has switched .

Finding Corona washed out compared to Vray, wondering if anyone could make suggestions as to the Cornona settings that work the best.

Here are two builds to compare:



Thanks ahead of time, here is a Corona screen shot for the settings

we are using

It does look different indeed, but do they look different in Max’s Rendering as well? When you just render in 3D’s max, how different results do look between those two libraries?

I guess it is play and try here, because some things are quiet different, for example shadow from the house is darker in Corona, but shadow by the main entrance is lighter, this suggests you skylight is different between them.
And in VRay it looks like more AO is apparent, where in Corona I can see less of AO.

Btw, your textures definitely can be much optimized to ensure they project is not that big, 22Mb, does take time to load, and some of textures could be 1/5 of a size as they are either tiling within texture, or they are too large or they are PNG instead of JPEG in some cases.

Hi Max,
The textures are all 1024 right now because that’s our VDC standard internally, but those should be streamed for sure and will be when the project is setup on a server.

re the Look:
They do differ, It’s getting closer,Changing Corona to Gamma off is a little less straight forward than Vray. Just used to Vray and getting used to Corona, which is not a fan of Gama being turned off like this for baking.
Plus Color mapping differs and the documents for Play canvas and Vray work really well so it’s as no brainer.

Does anyone know if you can light map bake with gamma left on in Corona?
Know in Vray it has to be turned off / set to 1 and I have set to off / 1 in Corona as well.

Answered, Gama must be off.

Thanks for your help!