Light beam from unity

hey I am currently working on the project which I am changing from unity to play-canvas I want to import unity light beam in project but it doesn’t work any solution .

Hi @usama.jalal01! Can you show how that Unity light beam looks like? Below the manual page about lights in PlayCanvas.

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@usama.jalal01 I think this is something that could easily be created by a particle system and maybe the light.

Is this what you are talking about?

From watching it looks like they adjusting some shader effects maybe. Looks like they are doing their major work in Blender and lighting it in Unity. @Albertos What are your thoughts.

It depends on the user’s need, but personally I’d use a primitive render component with semi-transparent material or something like that. Unfortunately I don’t know anything about shaders.

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@usama.jalal01 Or is this the effect you are looking for?


If this is the case what @Albertos suggested is a good starting point.


yes I want the same thing can you provide me if you have .I’ll be very grateful . same like in the video you shared.

@usama.jalal01 The video link above will show you how to create this object in a free software package called Blender. Looks like it is a good step by step for creating a transparent object. Towards the end of the video you will see that they are exporting the object as an .FBX file. This .FBX file will easily import into Playcanvas. When the object is placed inside your Playcanvas scene you could do some of the same lighting effects as @Albertos stated above Here:

To learn more about lighting in Playcanvas you could watch this video. It’s a bit old but does explain the aspects of lighting.

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Check this spotlight blog post by @Christina, the project presented is public and uses a similar effect for the ghosts:


thanks for now the requirement in skipped hope it will be useful in future .