Library of materials for PLAYCANVAS

Hi all,

Pls could someone to advice weblibrary of materials for PLAYCANVAS with explanation of how each material works and other useful info.

Thanks for attnetion.

There’s no library of materials (that I know of). It is expected that they will be created by the developers and artists based off textures and lightmaps.

More information can be found here:

Sure. But the making of a library is made more difficult by the lack of the ability to save off material settings outside of the current project. This is one of a few basic features that I am absolutely amazed that PlayCanvas omits. While I’m whining I’ll toss in my amazement at the lack a list view in Editor’s Assets folder.

OK. Done whining for now.

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Given Playcanvas is very often used for arch vis and product configurators having a library of materials available would be really useful.

Even as a learning resource on how to setup common materials (wood, glass etc).

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