Level creator/ Sharer

I was looking to make a mode for my game were you can create a level and share it like mario maker but 3d but i have no idea how to start.

Thanks for your time

Hi @WilliamBoersma31,

You will need to store permanent data in a database or similar system, so levels created by a user, are available to be loaded by another user at a later time.

Try studying some tutorials online on Javascript and Databases to begin with. That will give you knowledge on how to start designing such a system.

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hey @Leonidas I added my Firebase to my project what do I do next?

I’d think a good next step is to add read/write to DB methods so you can save user changes to your level. This is a good tutorial:


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Hi @Leonidas while this tutorial will be very helpful when I need the data base half I am mainly trying to get the creation feature before the share feature so I need help making a code that allows you to drag and drop things from a toolbar into the scene and a button that allows you to play the level you created.

Hi @WilliamBoersma31,

The best approach is to split this into tasks and work your way learning and building each one separately.

For example start with the following UI tutorial on how to add buttons that execute some logic:


Then take a look on the input tutorials and example projects to see how to work with mouse and touch events:


That will help you get some experience on how to do things with the input.

And here is a helpful post on how to implement drag and drop of objects in 3D space:

If you search on the forum here you will find more.