Let's get Trigo Run on the 2023 SHOWCASE!

i’ve been contacted by the playcanvas developer @Yaustar and he said that if I want Trigo Run to be featured in Showcase 2023… then we must meet the quality and hype level of the other games!!!.. so LETS HYPE THIS GAME UP!!! post it on youtube, make a blog post, make an article, mention it, share it with your friends, have your friends tell your friends and have them tell their friends and so on… . .

  • ALSO- If you post Trigo Run to YouTube.com then you will be mentioned in the beta testers section along with your youtube name!!! and if your channel has over 1k subscribers OR your channel is a dedicated Trigo Run channel… then you will get the game on steam for FREE… i will give out steam keys to dedicated Trigo Run channels and larger channels that post Trigo Run… Make sure to give feedback so i can polish the game some more… and remember the best feedback you can give me is a video… so i can see the direct issue and cause… and how to fix it!!! LETS DO THIS!!!

-Deadshot1m24 OUT


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