Let's change education for the better with PlayCanvas!

Hello! Excited to be here. I am with a non profit and we help build free and open educational resources.

Most of them are… Well, boring!

I wanted to see if we could set up a small group to think up some exciting, short, learning games.

Being a non profit my budget is close to zero but I can offer occasional perks (gift cards? We can figure it out)

But mostly if you want to help build games and experiences that help kids all over, let’s talk!


Hi Leonardo,
your initiative / platform seems interesting.
I’m quite new to Playcanvas but having a background in design, illustration & 3d creation I might support a future group with asset creation.
I’ve also designed a toy exhibition for children so I might could help you out with the interaction concept. See the project (in German) https://www.pundr.at/die-mostviertler-spielzeugwelt

Maybe you could provide additional information on your ideas / topics.

Love the concept of the exhibition.

I am forking a Norwegian open source project called H5P (https://h5p.org). This project establishes a framework for creating and delivering great interactive experiences inside learning management systems (LMS) as well as content management systems (CMS).

So far there are about 40+ of these experiences already created in HTML5.

My argument is that with a resource like playcanvas we can greatly up the quantity and quality of these educational “widgets”. Some of it by repurposing existing playcanvas games/apps.

I would first like to build a prototype - say a “learning casino” where the student can move from one activity to another, each of them an integrated playcanvas “app” (learning slots? Ed Roulette?, Etc. Etc.). We develop an integration kit in JS so that each of these apps can be easily embedded in LMS/CMS systems.

This integration part I am developing in REACT/Laravel and will be publishing on GitHub soon. Of course. Will make that available to the team, as we build a first set of playcanvas educational plugins.

I am searching for the same. I have to embed my Playcanvas game into an LMS. So how can I do that?
Please give some insight on this.

Can you give an example of a LMS system?

I am using MOODLE. It’s an open-source learning management system(LMS). I have embedded videos and other educational media. I am searching for games now.

I recently developed some web content (but not PlayCanvas) that was part of a training course to be included in a SCORM file and installed on a bank’s LMS. The SCORM file seems to be a zipped up website + some additional xml files. The SCORM zip is installed on the LMS, in my case by the admin of the LMS. When the user of the LMS selects that training course, the web content in the SCORM is invoked. The LMS provides an standardised API for the LMS and web content to communicate eg the user’s progress, score etc. https://scorm.com/scorm-explained/technical-scorm/run-time/

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It looks like it’s just a JS API to work with so should be straightforward to to use PlayCanvas to integrate.

Yes, I tested my playcanvas integration with it. Worked fine. Thanks for support.


Did you manage to get PlayCanvas games working in H5P / CurrikiStudio ?

As i work for Tilburg University and we make games on Instructure Canvas. Now investigating the option to abandon Scorm and use H5P ( or CurrikiStudio ) for creating game components on Canvas teachers then can combine into games.

Kind regards,
Math Notermans