Lerping position

Hello guys, im trying to lerp position of camera to target position, i have tried to set lerp on it but kinda now working, do you see any issue on the commented line ? i tried to make changes in line but no success, setting new position of camera is working i just want it to make smoother.

Hmm, I have an idea on how to fix it. May I have permission to edit the code so I can look into it?

Alright, so I made a fork and fixed a few issues I found in your game.

  1. This isn’t really an issue, I just added the smooth lerping for when the camera transitions to the sideview.
  2. I made it so that the player doesn’t jitter up and down weirdly when on a moving platform.
  3. Quick Edit here. I now added a key switch to happen when the camera view changes, so the player goes right when you press the right key while in sideview mode.

I wanted to code it into your game, but since I got a little impatient waiting for you to add me, I decided to fork it and code it in the fork.

You can access the forked project I made here: https://playcanvas.com/editor/scene/1030447

Hope I was able to help : )


Hey sorry for late response, i will dm you :slight_smile:

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