Lensy: Photo Vocabulary

One liner: A new way of learning vocabulary in a foreign language.

Description: Lensy allows you to use the camera of your phone, tablet or computer to translate visible objects around you to any language.


Camera based Translation

Point your camera at any object or view and get a list of the recognized objects translated to your selected language.


Dinning far away from home? You are covered with a list of 105 languages to translate to and from. In a growing number of languages you can also find a text to voice button to listen to an accurate pronunciation of each word.


Build your own lexicon by adding words to it. You can filter them by language and search at any point using the original or the translated word.


Bored of reading big lists of text trying to memorize meanings? Try our growing collection of games, learn by playing attractive word games. Have fun learning!

Tech stack:

  • Ionic 4 with Angular
  • PlayCanvas
  • Google Cloud

Site: https://lensy.one
Playstore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=pirron.app.lensy