Legal stuff and IP

Hi all, I have a quick question.
I’ve decided to use PlayCanvas to build my Final Year Project at university and apparently it’s okay (from PlayCanvas’ side to use the free membership for this). I’m currently writing my Project Definition Document and I’m a bit stuck at the Proprietary Interests section. (probably the wrong place to ask this but w/e)

The IP for any final year projects at my university belong to the students developing them. The university doesn’t claim any IP. I have no idea how Open Source works (I’m assuming no one person owns the IP to one project??).

My Question is: Who owns the IP to my project given the above?

Hope that’s clear enough…if not please let me know and I’ll clarify in more detail! :slight_smile:

Thanks! M.

In short, you do! :smile: PlayCanvas has no rights to any of the apps/games that you build with our platform. They are yours to do whatever you want.

You might want to read Section F - Copyright and Content Ownership in the PlayCanvas Terms of Use.


Thank you very much Will! :smile:
I understand the terms now, haha! This cleared up everything!

I appreciate your help! :slight_smile: