Layer system understanding question

Hello guys, who can explain me about new layer system? I have already read this guide and reference API, but I can’t resolve one question.

Note: Putting a model component inside a layer that is rendered after the world layer will not make the model render on top of everything in the world layer! The Standard Material used to render models has a property called depthTest. When this is true (the default) before each pixel of the model is rendered the GPU will test to see if there is something else in front if this pixel. Even if that pixel was drawn in an earlier layer depth test ensures that only visible pixels are drawn. If you wish to ignore the distance from the camera when rendering a mesh, disable depthTest in your material.

How do you render gizmo in the editor? I mean, all Gizmo entites are in separated layer (Editor Layer Axis Gizmo Immediate)
Okay, I found code in sources, but there are no depthTest = false. So, why Gizmos are rendering under all the World’s entities?

nobody? :frowning: :frowning: