Latest Ammo build on iPhone 5S


I’m having trouble with the latest Ammo build on iOS.

My game is stuck on the loading screen on Safari iOS (iPhone 5S).

I don’t have access to the console because I don’t have a mac right now and debuging Safari iOS is sh*t. I tried to remove scripts one by one and found out that removing the Ammo folder (the one created when clicking on the “IMPORT AMMO” button in the PC Editor) made me pass through the loading screen.

I removed the Ammo folder, and checked the “Enable Physics” checkbox (which uses the legacy Ammo build if I’m not mistaken), and now it’s loading. So I guess there is an issue with the latest Ammo on old iPhones, but the legacy Ammo is working.

What version of Safari is on the phone? WASM (the new ammo.js uses that) is not supported below a certain version:

Oh right that must be it. I believe it’s Safari 10, which is not supported according to caniuse.

So the legacy Ammo should be used for maximum compatibility.

Thanks for your answer

Hi @Hugo_D,

The new wasm-based version of ammo should fall back to the asm.js script if the platform doesn’t support wasm (the legacy version of ammo is also an asm.js compile). Did you remove the fallback script perhaps from your project perhaps? Otherwise this sounds like a bug.

I just created a simple scene with new ammo physics and it works fine on iphone 5s.

Could you test the following on your device? If you don’t mind sharing your project link, I could try testing that too.


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Hi @codebon , thanks for your answer.

I think the issue was the Safari version. Unfortunately I can’t test it anymore because the iPhone I was testing with has been updated to iOS 12.