Laser Spawning but not shooting

Laser should shoot when Space is pressed, It is spawning but we are stuck on why it is not shooting off screen.
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Hi @Ashley_Solano!

Script seems not to be saved and the script has a wrong name.

Thank you, we fixed that, but laser are still spawning right under the ship with no movement.

If you parse the current script on your entity, you will see this script does not exist anymore.


Because you made a scriptname change, you need to remove the script from the entity and add it again.

I tired that and it is still not working :frowning:

The script below gives a problem because there are two assets with the same name.
Make sure there is only one asset with that name, so remove the wrong one.


Make sure the asset you want to use has the updated script on it. Right now the asset has the script on it that doesn’t exist anymore.

Thanks for the help