Lag with IOS devices with playcanvas build


I have a particular lag while testing my app on IOS devices.
When I use the link with my build with the playcanvas site this happens:

but when I build my project in a ZIP document and host it.
My app is fine. I tested to see if the orbit camera script on my camera was the problem, but it was not.

While inspecting the problem, I noticed that the body of the web page and the canvas kept on enlarging and enlarging.

I am guessing had one of the scripts in the publish playcanvas build is causing the canvas or web page to enlarge continuously.

So can anyone from playcanvas explain what is the difference between publish the build on Playcanvas and downloading the build on the project. There are obviously scripts added when publishing to the site.

Thanks in advance

Might be the iframe wrapper.

Add an /e to the URL from PlayCanvas as Will has done here Stretched image on iOS

This removes the first iframe in the published build.