Kinematic Character with Wall Collision

hello! so we’re doing our finals for this subject of ours, and i’m kind of having trouble on how to put collision. I really wanted to use kinematic as the rigidbody for the character, but it won’t collide with the wall, it just passes through. Is there a way to get this done? Thank you in advance!!

Hi @John_Bryan_Panotes!

With a kinematic rigidbody, you need to detect collision by script and take action by script (for example blocking movement after collision).

In one of my example projects I use a single raycast in the forward direction of the entity and I block movement as long as the raycast detect an obstacle. That means the entity first need to rotate before it can move again.

Oh, I see, how do I do this then?

It depends on your game and which way you prefer.

Here’s my game so far. I really want to use kinematic as a rigid body though. Though for this one, I tried experimenting with dynamic.

Why you want to have it kinematic?

Comparing it to the previous work I had, I used kinematic. And the movement there I find more appealing compared to dynamic.

What you don’t like about the movement of the dynamic rigidbody?

Maybe it’s an option to change some settings of the rigidbody.