Kinematic Character System

Hello. I present to you the Kinematic Player Controller system.

  • Support dynamic simulation in new version (see video).

Demo version is available at the link:Kinematic Character Controller by Dev68

Dynamic simulation (available in new version):


very cool!

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Great controller! Covers many features.

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Wow that 360 degree run is wonderful!

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As a jumper I usually judge games by their game mechanics and this feels pretty solid. You can’t do stuff like bunny hoping or surfing like in Counter Strike, but the 360° ball/ramp walking felt straight out of P0rtal, good job!

I’m sure you can make some interesting games with this (e.g. a puzzle).

What’s your plan, like open source it or use it in a game of yours?

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Awesome controller!
I’m also currently in the process of integrating quake/source like movement in playcanvas.
How are you solving collisions? Are you using Ammo’s convexSweepTest? That’s what I’m going with, however I’m getting some undesired results, which I suspect come from floating point precision errors.

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Quake movement is FPS dependent, so you would need a way to run it for instance at 125 FPS or use the pmove integration system from ioquake3 which makes it possible at e.g. 60 FPS. Since it’s all open source, you can just use emscripten for it too.

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Hi, thanks for taking the time to rate this!

The controller is not limited in this; this can be solved with a couple of codes. I brought the controls as close to realistic as possible.

Even in the current solution I had an implementation of wall climbing.

Thanks for the information, but this controller has a different task, I did not initially plan it for a large number of FPS, because… I make web games, where 60 frames per second is considered the standard.

Yes, I use some tricks to solve these problems, you can look at the set of features that I have made publicly available.

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Thanks for the code excerpt!
What is your experience with the hitNormalWorld? Because for me it’s behaving weirdly especially around edges.
For example if I cast a box shape down onto another box shape and they only hit barely on the edge. I get a hitNormalWorld which isn’t pointing up. (collision margin set to 0 on both box shapes)

What I would expect is to get the hit normal of the face/triangle which is hit. But it seems like this is not the case.

I’ve did a bit of research and it seems like the hitNormalWorld isn’t the normal of the face which is hit. As discussed in this thread

it is the vector, connecting the two closest points, one on each object. Those two points are generated through a combination of several ‘getSupportingVertex’ calls, that can return an actual vertex of the original object, but also an implicit function (for spheres, capsules, cylinder, cone)

I’m still testing around and will create a demo scene which highlights this issue.

Similar issue for reference:

Unfortunately, I can’t answer this question for you, maybe after the demo project I’ll be able to understand what exactly is wrong.

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FYI: I’ve created a test project for my problem. I also created a new thread as I don’t thinks this belongs in here.

Once again: Great work on your character controller!