(Kickstarter Royalties) Looking for 2D Artist to draw top down maps of environments/levels

Hello, my name is Jack. I am the lead 3D Artist and executive at SymmetryGames. I will do my best to keep this thread short and straight forward. Currently, our studio is developing a 3D Zombie Shooter (.io) game in PlayCanvas. We are at the stage where we are finishing up pre-production, and moving towards work on our prototype of the game. The prototype which will be created inside of PlayCanvas as well will specifically be used for our Kickstarter campaign. We plan to launch our Kickstarter in 1 to 2 months depending on how smoothly our prototype development goes. The prototype is a much smaller version of the game with basic controls and basic graphics. This video game we are working on will be a top down style aim with mouse and fire game. Players control their character with WASD. Currently, our GDD and LDD are 90% complete. The last step to finishing our LDD (level design document) is to create 5 different 2D maps which will be used for planning each corresponding environment.
Map1: The Snowy Forest [this map is a simple snowy forest scene with snow covered trees and rocky cliffs.]
Map2: The Jungle [this map is a rainy forest filled with jungle trees, vines, wooden bridges and more]
Map 3: The City [this map consists of tall buildings, highway bridges, and an ocean below the bridges]
Map 4: The Maze [this map is made up of twists and turns, ruins, moss, vines, old bricks. All these assets are shaped into a maze for players to explore]
Map 5: The BattleField [this map is a simple, mostly flat, open world environment with rocks and trees.]

We have explained all of these maps in far greater detail in our Level Design Document. We are looking for a skilled and talented 2D digital artist to follow our basic layouts/drawings to create a more detailed image looking top-down on these environments. The 2D artist should understand the core fundamentals of creating stylized-cartoonish 2D art based on realism. We are very much looking for someone who takes a direct interest in creating art for video games, and specifically, takes interest in our video game. Our full GDD is under non-disclosure, however, there will be no need to sign a non-disclosure for this game. All applicants will be allowed to see the basic version of the game’s GDD which explains the essential mechanics needed for the artist’s job. We will not be able to supply software at this time, unfortunately. All software used MUST be the full commercial version. Cracked software is strictly forbidden.

This job is Kickstarter Royalty based. There is no 100% guarantee of payment. We are looking for those who are specifically interested in our project and designing video games. We will be paying 150 U.S. Dollars per map, post Kickstarter.

How many hours of contribution are required each week? This may vary between weeks, however, an average of 10 hours per week is expected.
How long will my “contract” last? As a 2D Map artist, you would work with our studio as a freelancer for roughly 2 weeks.
How would I receive my payment? Our preferred method for the transaction would be PayPal, however, we are open to other options.
Have you ever created another video game? No, sadly we have not created/published an official video game as a studio. This will be our first video game. All of our members, however, stem directly from the game development or film industry.

Being an indie studio, we like to keep the application process simple. To apply for the 2D Map Artist position, simply contact me directly via email: magdstudios@gmail.com
Please send any details about yourself as well as any work you have done that may relate to the work we are looking to do. Please note: this job is a remote job meaning the artist does not come to a studio. All communication happens via our discord chat server.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please either email me at the email provided or simply post a comment down below. All applicants will be allowed to see the basic version of our GDD upon request in your email.

Thank you for all of your time! - Jack

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