Kia Niro Configurator~!

I’m, as a member of “TempestCGI”, please to share our work on Kia Niro configurator.

Here is the link.

You should click on link which you can see from the below image.

Even though, the homepage is based on Korean, you can simply try out various configurations.

Hope you can enjoy this and I am really happy to listen any feedback regarding our work.~!!!

if you have any question, please contact me.


Hi @sooyong_Kim,

Congrats, it’s looking awesome! It’s really satisfying see what people like you can do with PlayCanvas.

I was wondering about devicePixelRatio - was that disabled on purpose?

And the projected skybox seems to work quite well, though I see some compression artifacts in the background. Are you using compressed textures on the skybox? (I can’t check with debugger because you’ve disabled it! :sunglasses:)

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Thanks for the feedback. I will check on this with my head of artist.

As far as I remember, enabling devicePixelRatio requires more gpu resource, right?

Yes it does on retina displays and other displays with high pixel ratio.

Somehow I can’t update the original post. How can I update it?

After a period of time, the post cannot be updated. What did you want to change?

I like to change the link.

Post the link as a reply and I will update :slight_smile:

The link from the offcial KIA website is no longer available.
This is our self-hosted version.

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