Just joined the community, don't know whats happening

Today I switched from the Roblox engine, and I was a game developer there and I have been for around 3-4 years. This is a bit of a switch for me, because I’ve NEVER used PlayCanvas. I need to know if there is some tutorials out there that would help me get started. I’m also not uncommon with this type of forum as Roblox used the same company for their forums but nonetheless,

Anything helps. Thanks!

@Disparrel Welcome. There are a large amount of tutorials as well as Youtube content on getting started with Playcanvas. Here is a link that will point you to these great examples.


Welcome! What was the reason for switching from Roblox to PlayCanvas? (Not that it’s a bad thing, just curious).

A good place to start would be the crash course: Crash Course - Make a Game | Learn PlayCanvas

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