Joining rooms using room id using photon engine

Hello, I have created a multiplayer experience using the photon engine I noticed there is a room list that shows the currently created rooms but we are not able to join according to the room. And whenever we create a room it creates an id.

Can we use this id to join the same rooms?
If possible how can we do it?

Hi @Vivek_Kumar_Chaini!

As far I can find, you can join a room using the room name, so if the id is equal to the name it should be possible.

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What is the problem?

Thats not a problem to be exact i was trying to say that i want to join the room according to the room name from room list but currently we dont have options to do that. But i think i got my answer now.

@Albertos I don’t think in this tutorial(Real-time Multiplayer with Photon | PlayCanvas Developer Site) it is showing the room list when i create a room and click on room list button in main menu

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It seems not to work indeed, but I’m not sure if this is actually part of the tutorial project or if you need to implement this yourself.

Maybe @RyutoHaga knows the answer.

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It was useful for me because I had to create a feature to join the room by copy-pasting the room ID. But don’t know about the tutorial project.

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