Join my team in a new Online Game!

If you did not know, I am New To PlayCanvas so I as you’d expect I am not good at making games,
but this one is something I really Want To make, as you heard from the title I am looking for a team to work with, it would be nice if you joined the creation of an online game for pc and a vr headset (fully cross platform). the basic idea is you draw a character and tools, if you want the tools to behave as you want, you need to code it, you can make a simple world just by drawing and adding code, there will also be a list of tool scripts. I don’t know much know What I should do, so it would be helpful if there was a team. That’s pretty much all I have.

I would help, but I’m already tight on schedule. If you post questions the forum, I’ll try to answer them.


project canceled

Ok then.