John Lemon's Haunted Jaunt

Hello everyone!

For the past 3 weeks I was transferring John Lemon’s Haunted Jaunt mini game from Unity to PlayCanvas. It was a really fun project to work on and I wanted to share the project with the community in case anyone wanted to take a look inside the project!

You can find the public project here: PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

and here is the official build: John Lemon’s Haunted Jaunt - PLAYCANVAS

If you would like to see some progress of the game from the past weeks check out my twitter page:

I will write up a small blog post on how I made this project in the upcoming weeks. I will make sure to share with everyone! :slight_smile:


Awesome! :heart_eyes:


Thank you @Albertos!

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Really nice project, love it and enjoyed.
Really looking forward to see updates and more development of this Project.


Thank you @KarthikSpace I appreciate it and I’m really glad you enjoyed it!


This is a great port of the game. Really look forward to seeing how far it goes.

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