Japanese API Reference translation


The community translation team finished (at least reached 100% mark) Japanese documentation translation. Recently I realized that API reference isn’t yet translated but there is no task in translation system. Is there any plan?

The API reference is a bit trickier than the rest of the Developer Site. The comments are in the code, of course. I guess we could write a little script that extracts the strings from the JS source to generate the input for Transifex. @dave knows more about this than me. :smile:

Thanks Will. I hope we will finish API reference translation as well sometime!

Also let me know you that there are still several direct translation and inconsistent terminologies in current translation. I think PlayCanvas team might better establish a review and fix process (proposal/review/approval) for volunteer translators. We don’t know how should we update such in-optimal translations.

(Example: “rigid bodies” is translated as “リジッドボディ” in some places and “剛体” in some places. The term “リジッドボディ (rijiddo bodi)” is a straight pronunciation copy and understandable for people who knows the English term. But the real Japanese term used in school is “剛体 (gou tai)” and it should make more sense to ordinal university students)

(Example 2: Currently PlayCanvas Editor UI is not yet translated. So even if we might better call “rigid bodies” in real Japanese term “剛体 (gou tai)”, the UI label must be “Rigid bodies” even in Japenese manual and it lead to a confusion about which word should be used)

Also it would be great if we have a web link from individual translation sections in Transifix to the corresponding manual web pages so that translators can translate while checking website itself.

I think that many reference of other past software were translate as the pronunciation in Japanese.
The ‘Instance’ of C++/Java is written as “インスタンス”. it isn’t “実体”.
The ‘Layer’ of Photoshop is written as “レイヤー”. it isn’t “層”.
What about we also try to follow it ?

Yeah. I think we need to have a place to discuss with Kitayama and Yukie about how will we proceed. Without clear leadership, we wouldn’t be able to progress further. I think I have a twitter account of Kitayama but I don’t know who is Yukie at all.

I have a friend who is an experienced EN/JP and JP/EN translation project manager. He worked for Google, Apple and other IT companies as a translator/translation manager/documentation designer. He is interested in this translation project and would help us if we ask to do so. (as his side project)