Jagged normal maps

Wondering if I can get some advice .
The further we push normal maps the more jagged they look.
Any Tips?
I am playing with Anisotropy settings, but it doesn’t make a lot of difference

Jagged in height elevation or in terms of across the surface of the model?

Could you post a screen shot or even better, a sample project (I realise this is probably an NDA project).

I’m interested to hear what you find out.
I’ve used both .jpg and .png and run into that “jagged” blotchiness from time to time.
Seems to happen on hard surfaces with few polygons and small details the most.
Wondering if it may be the file compression settings before uploading to PlayCanvas?

There was a request for 16bit normal map support here to help with the stepping
problem 16 bit normal maps - how to get them in?

Is this the issue you are getting @kindy77?

I kept my map size to 8-bit & 1024x1024 and tried not to compress from Photoshop.
Was much better when tiled, but 16-bit might be the golden ticket.
Yes…that was the issue I was experiencing…from the thread that you cited.

I do realize that there is a limit to the fine detail, due to the limitations of browser rendering currently, too.

The stepping or the banding or both out of interest?

The images on the Left are both 1024x1024 8-bit jpeg Normal maps with a bump value of 1, in the PBR material within PlayCanvas.

The images on the Right are the same model/same UVs with 1024x1024 8-bit png Normal maps that are tiled 2x2 with a bump value of 1, in the PBR material.

Ah yes, I vaguely remember someone before mentioned that the normals are not normalised so jpg compression can caused some very odd results in places.

It’s odd that it’s that bad on jpg. What compression value are you using on export?

We are using compressed Jpgs, guessing that is the issue, I try not too use too much compression but I did notice artifacts no matter what compression was used, but got worse if the jpg was more compressed.

A 16 bit compressor for Normal maps would be great

Did you try with a lossless format such as PNGs? If so, what were the artefacts like?

I am going to test the scene with that issue with a PNG and see if that improves things

I was using 85% compression (for web).
Seems that Mr. Kennedy and I were both looking for smaller file sizes with as much fidelity as possible.