I've deleted scripts


I’ve deleted all my folder scripts because my thinkness was on holidays :smiley:

I couldn’t recover it with undo. Ok! I can rewrite them it isn’t a lot of work.

In the past I could use Git (http://developer.playcanvas.com/en/user-manual/scripting/version-control/) and it was great…

I need an advice… how can i prevent it? Is correcte realize a fork each day?

Have a nice day!

We offer project archiving for Organization plans. This means you can download your entire project and re-import it whenever you want as a new project. It’s a safe way to get full project backups. But you need an organization with an Organization paid plan.

Other than that you can either fork your project like you said, although each fork will count towards your total usage.

Have you got any recent published builds? You can pull the scripts out of a build using Dev Tools.


Thanks for your answers. I hope grow enough to upgrade an Org account. Meanwhile I am professional account.

I liked the idea to use dev tools for next time :smiley:, but I didn’t publish my app.

I’m always positive, it’s a good chance to reprogramming better my game :wink:.


This is realllly bad, not even in the paid version?

Sorry, what’s not in the paid version?

What I mean about the paid version is having some sort of version control for the previous published versions, that was the question

I just paid the organization version. Can you please help?
I logged in to the chrome tools and I could not find the scripts that I had before, I have 2 months of work there
The scripts that are being shown on Chrome they are all related to some default canvas scripts

I need to download the previous whole published project, the current project I can edit I deleted most of things.

It keeps showing this

To download a build, your project must be owned by the Organization (I’m guessing your personal account is currently marked as the owner). To do this, you can use the Transfer Ownership option:

However, there is not an option to download previously generated builds. If you need to download a build that is currently live on the playcanv.as domain, let me know the URL and I’ll email you a ZIP. Please privately send me your email address.

I managed to switch the account now for organization, but when I download the project assets the zip file doesn’t come with all the scripts and textures I need (most of the files are thumbnails of the images I used), it is basically what you said before.

I think that this is very basic and important feature for good user experience, more than any graphics feature, if you are scared to lose everything when you are working on a large project I presume people will avoid working on big projects with this platform. Even if there is a way to use github for version control, I think that you need some sort of backup for each published version (it could be included on paid version). You mentioned the Google docs model, but you can still “save as” or save a copy.

I will send you my email address in private

What’s the build URL? It’s just the scripts you need, right?

Ideally I need everything from version 1.9 so I don’t need to rebuild and test things again, if that’s not possible please send me as much as you can (since I can’t access the old file I might not remember everything that I have done on that file), there are css, html and javascript files, as well textures and some object settings

I forked your project to help you with a previous issue:


Anything useful there?

Hi will, yes it is useful!
But it’s missing a script I built to help make it transparent (I think the name is batch or something with B) , also it’s missing all the custom responsive text I created (I spent a lot of time testing), they are both CSS and html files

https://playcanv.as/b/Osdhkiv5/ -> you can see the text here

Why don’t you just use Dev Tools to grab the CSS from that build?


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@Daniel_Vianna Too little too late here but hat I’ve done in current projects is create a Python script to ‘archive’ and ‘download’ the projects via the REST API which gets checked into source control. So it very easy for me to commit after I’ve finished a feature.

It’s more viable in my situation as a one man band but maybe you could setup something similar using CI to do nightlies?

How did you do that? (old question).

I actually found a way and it’s here (I’m responding my own question):

Note: sorry I’m newbie in web dev

Thank you so much for your help Will!

I’m a one man band too, would you mind sharing the script?