It's hard to create multiplayer games?

Hello everyone!

I have a question.

It’s hard to create multiplayer games in PlayCanvas?

Also, it’s the connection good in website games? Or latency problems?

Multiplayer games are generally hard independently of the platform.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not doable, here is an example of a simple multiplayer game in PlayCanvas:

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Hey @BeHappy,

In addition to what @Leonidas posted already, I would like to mention the awesome Photon For PlayCanvas plugin created by @Ryotaro.TSUDA for the engine. This has really made it easier for my team and I to work on multiplayer projects in the past, and it’s often far faster than the Glitch servers as well. As an added bonus, since your project runs entirely on Photon’s cloud, very little server set up is required. I’d really encourage you to give this a try if you’d like to create easy to develop, yet fast and engaging multiplayer projects.

Hope this helped!


Thanks for the recommendation @DevilZ! Do you know what the pricing model for Photon is? I didn’t see a pricing page on their website.

Hey @OmarShehata,

It depends on what you require the pricing for. Although I had recommended Photon cloud for @BeHappy since he wanted an easy set up, if you want greater control, you can opt for the photon server as well.

The pricing for Photon Cloud can be found here -

The pricing for Photon Server can be found here -

The free photon cloud plan currently supports up to 20 users in a lobby, while server allows up to 100 users on the free plan, but does require more set up.

Another thing I’d like to add here is the alternative plan of charging per connected user that Photon has. I’ve never used it, but this could be beneficial depending on your application’s requirements as well.

thanks @DevilZ for introduce!


Are you sure this plugin works? Because there is always problem with appid. Can you show any project other than the starter-kit by @Ryotaro.TSUDA
Even the problem here is not resolved. Have a look.

If you wish I could show you a project my team and I have built, but you’ll have to DM me for that as it is private.

As for the AppID issues, you’ll have to sign up to the photon developer dashboard, create an application, and C/P your AppID into the script parameter.

I think this has something do to with the scripts loading order, which is mentioned clearly in the docs.