and playcanvas web upload works fine!

For those who are interested in uploading to, it’s pretty straightforward.

Download the web version from Playcanvas (You’ll have to be a member)

Upload that same file to publish game section (be sure to click the option that makes it an HTML5 game)

Input the preferred dimensions and publish.

Pretty straightforward. I plan to put together a more in-depth solution to get a ‘setup’ file or ‘exe’ using electron for those of you interested in putting your games on other platforms like steam or distributing it yourself.

View here my game 10 seconds.

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Nice, looks great.

BTW, it looks like the page scrolls when you press the up and down arrow keys (when not in fullscreen) you can probably fix that by calling event.preventDefault() in your keyboard handler.

P.S. what is the music?

Oh sweet thanks for that! I actually don’t use keyboard handlers. So What i’d do is go to the initialize function and put it in there?

I forgot the music haha just googled royalty free music.