It seems the mesh instance become more when I destroy entity

You can see there is 12 mesh in my game.

The game will start when I click the start button,and what we need to notice is this.

After the game start,the deleteRoad function will be excuted.

The roadArr is a object pool which is excuted after the script preload.

Then,if I click the start button,you will see the mesh becomes more than before.

Every time I click the start button, the mesh will become 15.

I think it is so strange.

So I do some test,I found if I cancel the entity.destroy() just like this:

Then every thing is normal.

You can see there is 12 mesh in my game after click the start button.

So,I want to know why it is so strange?

Why I destroy entity will add more mesh instance?

This is my project which I fork one for debug:

The main js is in the road.js.

It might be that the Mesh Instances counter in scene is actually not decreasing?

Bear in mind, you looking at Scene instances, there is a Frame section which is more relevant to what is actually in a frame and being rendered.