It fail to load Editor at IE11 of Win7

at loading timmin IE11 echo this:

at processEntity (

After that, if the mouse overed, this error happen.

Mouse.prototype._getTargetCoords [line: 14587, row: 5], playcanvas-stable.js
MouseEvent [line: 14419, row: 7], playcanvas-stable.js
Mouse.prototype._handleMove [line: 14573, row: 5], playcanvas-stable.js

Thank you for the bug report. We have reproduced the problem here. We will fix as soon as we can. But in the meantime, please continue to use another browser such as Chrome or Firefox. We’ll follow up when a fix is deployed.

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Thank you @will
I’ll wait your work, not hurry. I usual work on Chrome.
Because there was a need to test apps in IE, I found this problem.

Then I found strange issue at Chrome and IE11 on Win7.
My app became slower and slower on IE11, if it boots Chrome at same time.
If I closed Chrome, the app recover normal speed.
I did nothing on Chrome.