Issue with Sprite Sheet Editor


As you can see image there is issue with sprite editor.
Where it is ignoring right most area, and which create wrong positioned sprite animation…

Here is simulation: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

Kindly help…

The asset is 1024 pixels wide. 1024 / 6 (the number of frames across) is 170.666666

So it has to round down to 170 for each frame.make sure each frame width is 170 and pack it closest to the left or manually adjust the frames.

Ok got it. Thanks

It would be great if sprite sheet editor will be more specific to handle float values…
Also most of the time the playcanvas auto scale it to 1024 pixels.

:arrow_forward: If possible, It would be great to see improvement in this sprite sheet editor.

So for now, Do i have to adjust such 1024 px sprites manually?

Using float values doesn’t make much sense as none of the frames in the texture start on a subpixel.

The sprite sheet should be authored so that it is already in a power of 2 format.