Issue with mesh previews not loading?

Mesh previews don’t seem to load at times, not always and it appears to be more common when using newly imported meshes. Not sure what or how this is caused (refreshing the page seems to fix it, although not always)

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I just had this issue with animations, IF you have animations in those assets, did you remember to correctly put them into the config?

If not, then that is ur issue, otherwise idk :stuck_out_tongue:

Sadly, they are purely static meshes with no animation,
Thx anyway tho!

Do they show up in the inspector/preview on the right? May have to ask you to DM me a copy of that model(s) to see if it’s reproducible.

I have currently tried with a variety of about 20 meshes. Initially they load.
Shortly after they only show in the inspector, refreshing does seem to (temporarily) fix it.
I am currently unable to reproduce the behaviour even with reimporting the same meshes.

If they eventually show up, it’s possible that our thumbnail generator is being a bit on the slow side.

I would think so, seems like that would be the logical conclusion.
The meshes in question aren’t overly complex, but I can imagine that being the case.