Issue with crosshair model and visuals

in another overall scene that uses the same code i have a first person character with a crosshair to help player see where they are clicking, i made the crosshair by creating a material from a png image that has a transparent background, i appled this material to a cube and move it to a position centered in the fps camera and rotate it towards the fps camera.

the issue i am encountering is that when i want to view a text element ive created out in 3d space, there is a box around the crosshair blocking the text as the crosshair passes over it. i presume that this is because the box model is blocking the element, though i dont know what to do.

heres the editor link to a dummy level

clicking on the screen will allow first person camera movement with the mouse, wasd controls walking, clicking works close up

for best results look left then click and look at the tv screen.

the glass panel is there to give another example of what is going on as when one gets close enough, such as standing in the white box, then looks toward the blue box through the glass the same error occurs.

here is the fps navigation code where this is determined:

any help is greatly apperciated

Hi @Alden_Towler,

Is there any reason you don’t just create the crosshair using a 2d screen and image element?