Issue With area Light, Area lights creating a black spot and black line

Hi, I am using area lights, but they are creating a black spot and black line. Any idea how to fix this?

I can’t seem to reproduce:

Can you share an example project?

Sample Project :

Apple M2 pro google chrome

Windows google chrome

The same scene on Mac OS shows a clear black line, but no black line on windows.

The dot is visible in both places.

@mvaligursky Martin, I think you got Mac? Do you see the issue as well?

I remember that black dot issue on my Windows laptop as well. I didn’t think I created a report of it as I was quite new to PlayCanvas.

We seem to have an issue on this already. Seems to only happen on sphere lights.

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The issue is with the area light and glossiness property. If I keep the glossiness value above 80%, it starts to show.

Correct, the issue mentions that a high glossiness is needed.