Issue with app called TANX

Hey guys good day!

I have problem with TANX app every time i open the app on my chrome browser it will just says “disconnected” “play again”.

Link below…try and see if you guys will experience also


What kind of network you are playing from? And what browser?

what do you mean by network??? using chrome browser

you know on chrome browser you can play some games i post the link, sorry for the 1st post


Try to play and tell me if you are experiencing same issue…please

Thanks by the way for reply…more power

I can play with no problem.
Network - is that is a school, or university, or some other network that has firewalls that might prevent from websockets connections?

Try running the game over HTTPS:

Does that help?

when i try to play tanx i cant see my cursor/mouse is that normal vecause ive seen someone else play with a little indicator thing

@SWAGGY2COOL You should see this hexagonal reticule:

What OS and browser are you using?