Issue uploading assets

Hi i have problem uploading asset in playcanvas:

is to slow is only 10 mb fbx file.
look at my speed test:
i have almost 3 Mbit for uploading… Do you have any issue with the bandwidth? or maybe is a routing issue from my provider…
Thanks for the help

Can you share the FBX file please?

10MB is VERY large for a FBX model. PlayCanvas servers may be taking a while for it to convert to the internal JSON format. I would also argue that the model has too many polys to render well in the browser.

Hi is not one model is a Scene with a few models.
the scene don’t have a lot of polys check the picture.

how many polys did you recommend for scene. is not for a game is a archviz scene.
by the way,
is gltf supported?
which format is recommended?
is better export one by one?

It’s on the high side but should still be doable (I’m comparing to the Orange Room here)

GLTF is supported via a library:

If you are not planning to load external assets, it’s fine to do it the way you are now.

Can you share the FBX file so I can sanity check the upload of assets on my end?

Hi i uploaded the scene with other internet provider and everything work perfectly.
thanks for your help.