Issue adding asset to model component from FBX import from Mixamo

I’ve been having an issue with adding assets to my Model component. This is an issue because it’s not allowing my animations to play in the editor or launcher. My .glb animations when dragged to the animation component seems to be broken as well as the character seems to be in a broken T-Pose formation and won’t perform the animation at all. If anyone knows what happened here or what’s going on please let me know as soon as possible as this is for a project with the minimum viable product do at the end of the upcoming week.

Asset to Model Component issue

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Hi @dbass-clark and welcome,

Are you using the skinned model and animation exported from Mixamo? You will have to use the model exported from their autorigging tool, and not the source model.

If that’s not the case, have you tried importing them on a different engine or modelling tool (e.g. blender) just to verify the files are correct and the issue isn’t on the PlayCanvas side.

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I was successfully able to import the animation into blender and have then work there – however, when I exported the FBX from blender, it did not work correctly.

Although, I have not tried to use the autorigger tool. I’ll try that and let you know what works and what doesn’t.

I see, not sure what’s wrong there. If your model is rigged already, uploading it on mixamo won’t require auto rigging.

But still, give a try import in PlayCanvas both the skinned model exported from the mixamo download, together with the animations.

so I tried both and neither work – I even tried taking my fbx into blender, re-exporting it to mixamo auto rigger and then back to playcanvas and that didnt work either.

Can you share the project to take a look at please?

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am I able to continue editing the project while your working in playcanvas.

Yes, whoever that looks at it is more likely to fork the project to examine

It looks like you are using the Import Hierarchy workflow (render components) with the Animation Component? I can’t see you using Model assets anywhere in the project?

Animation (Legacy) Component will only work with the Model (Legacy) Component

Anim Component (the State Graph) will work with both the Model Component and the Import Hierarchy workflow.

If you want to create Model Assets from FBXs, disable Import Hierarchy and drag the FBXs into the assets panel again

If you want to use the Anim Component, then you can find documentation on that system here: Animation | Learn PlayCanvas and Anim State Graph Blending | Learn PlayCanvas

Also if you are using assets from Mixamo, I recommend changing the settings to use the FBX filename in the Import Settings so that when you import the animations, they don’t create files named Mixamo.GLB

With the anim component, it is animating the same as the preview is showing but the hands/feet and head aren’t animating which I’m having a closer look at

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Animation of the FBX looks fine in Adobe’s FBX viewer :thinking:

thank you so much im back into the project now and im about to make those changes you mention – Im also investigating the head/feet/hands issue as well because when I viewed the animation in bleder it worked correctly but now in playcanvas. Let me know if you figure out the issue. Again thank you.

Found the issue, it’s related to skinning and could be a bug on our side on the import but easily fixable in the Editor

Some of the render components don’t have the Root Bone set to map the nodes to the skin.

Ch27_Pants has it set correctly here:

But Ch27_Body (and others) doesn’t

Setting the Root Bone on the Render Components to the hips, will fix the issue

Applying those changes back to the template and using the Anim Component instead of the Animation Component makes the animation play correctly

Project that has ‘Jog in Circle’ Fixed:


(I intend to do a retro Office Hours on this as there was some useful debugging techniques used here to get to this point)


Office hours video for this showing the debugging steps. Jump to 08:33 for the answer

Fixed project link:
Autodesk FBX Review: FBX Review | Cross-platform 3D model viewer | Autodesk


These office hours videos are super useful, you handle complex topics nicely Steven, thanks for sharing.