Isometric Texture Query

If I have a box, 1x1x1, and I would like it to look like:


How would I map the image correctly onto a texture?


Adam Burgess

Hi @adamburgess38,

You can easily do so in a modelling app. For example here is a quick way to unwrap all 6 faces of a cube on a texture:

You can then prepare your texture image to match the corresponding areas.

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Are you asking how to have an isometric view?

No sorry, I am asking how to, when in isometric view, have this picture as a material which can then be applied to a cube which will in turn look like the image below :slight_smile:

If it’s a 2D graphic, then it’s not meant for mapping to a 3D cube.

All you need is either an element or sprite component, or if you would like to use 3D models, a plane model rotated to face your camera.

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