Is Zapper AR SDK Free?

Hi Wonderful Community,

I am working on a WebAR output and this is a marker based AR. I found that Zapper AR SDK fulfills my requirements perfectly but I wanted to check if the Zapper AR SDK is free? Can I use it for commercial projects? Can someone please throw some light on the licensing terms?

I checked the Zapper website and I could see their pricing table but I was wondering if the pricing is for the complete suite of their products? My need is only their AR SDK for PlayCanvas. So, is Zapper AR SDK for Playcanvas free? Has anyone used it? If it’s not free, is there any alternate option for creating WebAR with marker image through Playcanvas or any other platform like Unity?

I already tried AR.js marker-tracking and image-tracking methods. Unfortunately my marker image (which is a logo) doesn’t work. If it has to work through the marker-tracking, I need to add thick border on all sides of the logo. In the image-tracking method, my marker image doesn’t pass the NFT image rating. I can’t change the marker image as it’s a logo. Only Zapper AR SDK is able to accept my logo as a valid marker image and the AR experience comes out well as per my expectation.

Another option is to use WebXR but it doesn’t work in iOS devices.

Your guidance will be of great help to me.


Hi @sivatgz,

You can check this link. But I think this is a question best asked on the ZapWorks community forum.