Is units different between engine and editor?

Using the same model:

// in editor
console.log(; // [-0.7065895199775696, -0.14930999279022217, 0.2446569949388504]
console.log(; // [1.6565604209899902, 2.4923899173736572, 1.1943730115890503]

// in engine
console.log(; // [-70.65899658203125, -14.931249618530273, 24.46554946899414]
console.log(; // [165.65609741210938, 249.23875427246094, 119.43714904785156]

It seems the editor use meter as units, the engine use centimeter as units ?

According to user manual, it should be meters both in Editor and Engine.


Maybe it is related to fbx sdk ? I am using fbx sdk to parse fbx files, and generate playcanvas’ file format…

Here are two projects using the same model:

Using editor:

Using engine:,output

You can print its aabb to check it.

Are you generating your own JSON files? If so you are probably not handling the units from FBX correctly.

Thanks for your tips, dave. I download the json model from playcanvas, and the result is right.,output

What’s more, the issue of [SOLVED] Skybox will clip model? go away!
Not sure it is related to the units or not.