Is there no grid system that uses a perspective view?

Currently, I am working on a project where I can decorate a room.

I have searched for many examples, but projects using a perspective view do not seem to have grid systems and snap features.

Are they only available in orthographic view?
If you have any good methods or examples, please share them with me.

Hi @Hizard,

The grid that is rendered in editor together with the snapping option works in world units in the three axis (X,Y,Z). And the grid is rendered in both perspective and orthographic cameras.

Can you share some example on what kind of grid are you looking for?

I looked at this project (PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine) here.

I couldn’t find any examples created in a different 3D perspective space.
So, I referred to sites like for inspiration.
Do you have any simple examples available?

I don’t have an example in mind to generate such a grid on runtime (there may be some posts on the topic if you search around the forums).

Usually you would use either:

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Thank you. I’ll keep it in mind for reference. :grinning: