Is there corresponding feature like particle texture in Playcanvas?


I am migrating my unity3d visual effects to playcanvas, is there anyway to do this in playcanvas?

as a newbie in VFX, I have totally no clue… just tried particle component with blend type “additive” seems not working.

thanks for further help.

This should help out -

thanks for the reply but I do not see how it would help…
it is just particle document and seems unable to achieve the effect I posted…

Bear with me since I have never used unity 3d. Can you please explain to me exactly what you want to do?

I am trying to get effects exactly this in playcanvas:

I have the assets and particle settings in unity3d, but do not know how to migrate them to playcanvas.

Read the API carefully. If required, look at the Star Wars Particle project.